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Name the Names

The following list of objects is not comprehensive. We are aware there are more instances of mistaken-object police shootings yet unknown to us. This archive is listed chronologically by event, beginning in 1999. All these victims were unarmed and while many, of these shootings were fatal, all were not. Please click on the linked article for more information about each incident. Furthermore, while the vast majority (nearly 83%) of victims are black men, they also include: latino, native, white, elderly, disabled and mentally ill men and women. Please contact us if there is a name and circumstance we are missing.

Wallet for Amadou Diallo (1999)

 Silver Padlock for LaTonya Haggarty (1999)

 Bible for Mark Frederick Venuti (2001) 

Eyeglass Case for Asa Sullivan (2006)

Cordless Drill for Barry Millsap (2007)

Hairbrush for Khiel Coppin (2007)

Shower Rod for Julian C. Alexander * (2008)

Broomstick for Julian C. Alexander * (2008)

Set of Keys for Joseph Fennell (2008)

Bottle of beer for Louis Jiles (2008)

Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Maurice LeRoy (2008)

Mic Stand for Julio Eddy Perez (2008)

 Cell Phone for Woodrow Player III (2009), Kendrick McCade (2012), Ortiz Glaze (2012), Dalon Stevenson (2012), Cedrick Chatman (2013), Kieth Childress (2016) Stephon Clark (2018) 

Wrench for Anonymous Man (after 2010)

Golf Club for Todd Blair (2010)

Sunglasses for DeCarlos Moore* (2010)

Tinfoil for DeCarlos Moore* (2010)

 iPod for Reginald Dewayne Wallace (2010)

Chisel for John T. Williams (2010)

Skittles + Iced Tea for Trayvon Martin (2012)

Pizza Slice for Anonymous Man and Woman (2013)

Hands for Esau Castellanos (2013)

Flashlight for Cody Devine (2013)

Underwear for James Weyant (2013)

Water-Hose Nozzle for Douglas Zerby (2013)

Pill Bottle for Rumain Brisbon (2014)

Cane for Bobby Canipe (2014)

Replica Gun for John Crawford III (2014) Robert Young (2016)

Toy Gun for Tamir Rice (2014), Dedric Colvin (2016)

 Wii Remote for Christopher Roupe (2014)

Bottle of Cologne for Cory Tanner (2014)

Sub Sandwich for Vonderrit Myers (2014)

Toy Truck for Charles Kinsey (2016)

Knife for Joseph Mann (2016)

E-Cigarette for Alfred Olango (2016)

Welding Torch for Saheed Vassell (2018)


* officers claimed multiple objects were guns, that were in fact, not.